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MV: White Houses • Doctor/Rose

Yay, I got a new computer! And how do I celebrate - why, by making a new Rose/Doctor video of course!! I've always loved this song, so imagine my surprise when I realized how well it fit Rose. Enjoy. ^_^

Fic: Into The Rabbit Hole We Go!

Title: Into the Rabbit Hole We Go!
Characters: Rose, John Smith
Pairing: Rose/Ten, Rose/John Smith
Genre:  General
Beta: None, so it’s probably crap.
Rating: PG

A/N: Human Nature AU, set in Season 2, right before Army of Ghosts/Doomsday. I’m sure this idea has been done to death – then resurrected and done some more – but since I’ve only read two or three variations myself, and none quite like this, you’ll have to forgive my ignorance. When I saw this prompt, the idea just wouldn’t leave me alone. Also, I apologize for cheating and aging her a year. ;)

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Doctor Who Music Videos

A Collection of Rose/Doctor Music Videos I made spanning seasons 1-4

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Bon Bon (Hey! Sey!) Lyrics!

Yatta! I did it! I completed my first ever song translation!!

It's called BON BON by some new group called Hey! Say! It's also the second opening song for one of my all-time-favorite anime, Lovely Complex. I just fell in love with it after hearing it for the first time, and decided to try my hand at subbing it for practice. At least this way, when the "official" release from the Lovely Complex fansubbing team is out, I'll have something to compare it against.

However, I'm still in the process of learning Japanese, so I can guarantee that almost all of the English translations will be wrong, lol. But at least I know the romanji is (mostly) all correct! That alone is cause for celebration!!

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What have I seen...?

In a futile attempt to keep track of all the different anime, dramas, and movies I've watched throughout the years, I started to keep a handy little list. Oddly enough, the term "watched" may as well be synonymous with "can't remember, but know I've seen".  My memory is horrible, and this way I won't end up downloading a movie or series I've already watched, but forgot. Plus, this way, I can keep track of my favorites, and have something to compare the new additions against. ^_^

In the very least, it can serve to prove just how poor my organizational skills are...

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HYD Episode 10: Reflections (Part 2)

At last...

Okay, I finally gave in and got myself a live journal--not that anyone notices or cares. But, yes! Progress has been made.

Now, to bed! ;)